Five Pieces Of Furniture You Can Easily Re-purpose, and How!

Stylish and beautiful decorating on a budget isn’t impossible. By utilizing imagination, creativity and some effort to re-purpose older furniture, a gorgeous home that expresses your unique personality can be achieved. Whether re-purposing furniture you already own, purchasing pieces of furniture from thrift stores or garage sales, or even discarded items, you have only the boundaries of imagination to limit your home’s décor as the following five examples will demonstrate.

Mismatched Table and Chairs:

Having random pieces of furniture donated to you is one of the most common occurrences when furnishing your home on a budget. Almost all of us have experienced having a dining table with several random and unmatched chairs. This can easily be changed from a sad looking jumble to a quirky and stylish dining set with just a few dollars of paint and matching cushions. By using enamel paint to paint the table black, then paint the mismatched chairs white and add cushions in a stylish black and white plaid, you have a sophisticated look for your dining room.

Un-needed Coffee Tables:

Two extra coffee tables are easily converted into a four shelf bookcase by simply sawing them in half, length-wise. Sand the cut edges, paint all four halves to match, stack the halves and secure the table halves to the wall with inexpensive utility brackets for a unique and whimsical bookcase.

Crib Mattress:

Looking for a new purpose for a crib mattress? Combined with two block shaped short bookcases and a fashionable fabric cover your crib mattress will become a window seat when placed in front of the window of your choice. Instead of the bookcases you can also use two sturdy coffee tables with a plank painted to match and cut to fit the mattress.

Extra Dining Chairs:

A collection of two or three mismatched chairs you don’t need for the dining room can quickly be turned into a bench for the living room. First give the chairs a new coat of paint then place the chairs next to each other before nailing on a plank cut to the length of the chairs. Next make a padded fabric cushion for the bench in a coordinating fabric with the new paint color and then display the additional seating.

Abandoned Dresser:

Take that old dresser that has a missing drawer and turn it into an entertainment center. Remove enough drawers to create a space large enough to display your TV set then remove any runners or cross pieces that would block the TV. If needed, brace the sides and back of the dresser. With a light sanding and fresh coat of paint you now have an entertainment center for almost no cost!

The appearance of your re-purposed furniture is completely dependent upon your own taste and choices. Whether you choose to create a sleek monochromatic scheme or a whimsical scheme you’ll create a beautiful home that is uniquely yours, and you’ll have done it with little expense.

Eight Design Secrets To Get Your Home Ready For Spring 2016

After months of hibernation, Spring makes way for life. The sun comes out, the flowers begin to bloom, and the grass begins to grow. With Mother Nature being so active, you too are inspired to refresh and renew your home, get rid of the clutter, and breath life into your space and your garden. If you are ready to prepare your home to welcome the new season, here are 8 different design tips that will help you “spring-ify” your space.

8 Design Tips to Make Your Home Spring-ready

  1. Slab on a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to transform any space is to paint. In spring, natural light will flood into your home as long as you leave the window treatments open. The best way to make your rooms more vibrant and airy is to paint your walls a light and soft color. Choose a bright white for your moldings to make your walls pop and your home will be more inviting in just hours.

  1. Choose Season Appropriate Wall Art

If you have not taken down your winter art, now is definitely the time to do so. Choosing paintings that incorporate happy and vibrant colors will set the right tone and mood in your home. While floral pictures are not required, they are appropriate. Even colorful abstract galleries are a great way to compliment your furnishings and interior decor.

  1. Bring Mother Nature In

The flowers are growing outside and there is no better addition for your home than to bring the flowers in. Greenery, pedals, and other foliage will make the space cheerful and lively. Mother Nature in the home is also a great way to filter the air in your home.

  1. Changing Your Window Treatments During the winter, you want warmth. To achieve this, you probably put up your heavy, dark draperies. In spring, it is time to take the dark drapes down and replace them with sheer curtains that will blow in the breeze. These window treatments will let the light in and make your home look happier in the process.
  2. Mirrors to Bounce the Light

Large mirrors are a great addition to your living space during the spring. By reflecting the light that comes into your home, you can create the illusion of more space while still giving your home a more refreshing vibe.

  1. Incorporate a Rug

Now is the time to put away the dark rug and make way for a new lighter rug that will not suck up all of the light in the room. Printed rugs with blues, greens, and purples are perfect for high traffic areas.

  1. Invest in a New Entry Door You set your first impression with your entry door. If you have a dark, dull door, guests will get the wrong impression before they have even seen what you have done with your home. Buy a new exterior door that adds a pop of color and compliments your entire home’s decor so that you can set the mood from the beginning.
  2. Create More Breathing Room

Out with the old and in with the new. Spring cleaning is essential to create more breathing room in your home. Make time to eliminate the clutter and you will have a more open space with a better flow.

Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring by changing up the design of your home. Once you are done with your home’s interior, focus on helping things grow in your garden and transform the entire property for the upcoming months.

Designing With Security In Mind: 6 Must Haves

As you work on your interior design and strive to create an attractive home, keep security in mind. There are certain features you need that will make your home safer while also making it more functional. Here are just a few of the items you’ll want to include in your overall design scheme when you want to improve the looks and security of your home.

  1. Landscape Lighting isn’t for Plants

The landscape lighting that you use around the exterior of your home really isn’t for the plants. It’s actually to minimize shadows, eliminate hiding places and make your house less appealing to intruders. As you’re making plans for plants and statues in the garden, include better lighting. Low-voltage lighting is better than solar because it will last all night long, and consider using motion lights around doors as an added precaution.

  1. Look at the Doorknobs

The handles on your doors aren’t just for keeping the door latched. They’re also an important part of the finished look in your foyer, and they’re a vital part of your home security system. Some locks are easier to bypass than others. Look for high-quality locks that are difficult to pick, and then choose a style that adds visual appeal to the front of your home.

  1. Get the Security System

Keypads are easily hidden by tucking them away near closets or around corners. Burglar alarms are unobtrusive, and they’re excellent deterrents. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that your family will be warned if anyone tries to break in, and a system that’s synced with your fire and carbon monoxide alarm just might save your life.

  1. Wall-Mount Electronics Out of View

Your 52-inch big-screen television is perfect for watching the latest blockbuster, but do you really want anyone walking by on the street to know that you have it? When thieves can glance through the window and see what you own, it makes your home a more attractive target. Wall-mounted systems are great for opening up space and making rooms seem larger. As you design the room, make sure that television and your assorted electronics are situated on a wall that’s not easily viewed from the street.

  1. Window Tinting for Comfort and Safety

One of the great benefits of window tinting is that it protects your home from UVA and UVB rays while keeping it cool in hot weather. What you may not realize is that it can also make it harder to break in through windows. Security tinting holds tightly to the glass and keeps shattered glass in place. While the window may still break, the thieves are far less likely to be able to reach a hand through and reach the doorknob. The tinting is an unobtrusive way to add security to your home without sacrificing style.

  1. Keep an Eye on Things

It seems like cameras are everywhere today. They’re at businesses, gas stations, parks, stoplights and even private homes. You may feel like a surveillance system is a little over the top, but it’s actually very handy when linked with your alarm or smart phone. You can use the cameras to make sure your kids are getting along if you leave them home alone for a little while. Check on the house while you’re out of town, and use the cameras to make sure no one is lurking around outside at night. The mere presence of a few little cameras is also an excellent deterrent.

You can make your house more attractive and keep it safe by adding the right features to your property. These little changes will add visual appeal to the home or prove to be unobtrusive additions. They all make your home more secure, and that helps you keep the family safe even when you cannot be there.